There were 329 entries judged and 212 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
N/AJimmy Bernier2-Penny American Stout20B: American StoutLe Ale'Gators Brewclub
1stMarie-Annick ScottJubilee17B: Old AleEdmonton Homebrewers Guild
2ndEric ParkerThe Spring Sessional1D: American Wheat BeerVanbrewers
3rdMichel LecavalierRing Around The Cherries, Pockets Full Of Beersies23F: Fruit LambicMembers of Barleyment

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beer (18 entries)

1stEric ParkerThe Spring Sessional1D: American Wheat Beer
2ndJon MainsMains Light1A: American Light Lager
3rdJon MainsMains Cream Ale1C: Cream Ale
HMMarie-Annick ScottPisswasser1A: American Light Lager

Table 2: International and Czech Lagers (11 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottPisswasser Euro2A: International Pale Lager
2ndPaul HeslopCzech It Out3B: Czech Premium Pale Lager
3rdMarie-Annick ScottCzechers3A: Czech Pale Lager

Table 3: Pale/Amber European Beer (24 entries)

1stAlex CochranVienna Lager Mk1 7A: Vienna Lager
2ndMarie-Annick ScottMagnificent Bastard4C: Helles Bock
3rdPaul HeslopHells Bells4A: Munich Helles

Table 4: Dark and Strong Lagers (10 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottChmod 7779A: Doppelbock
2ndChris TravisCloak And Dagger Dunkel8A: Munich Dunkel
3rdCory DayMonkeys Dunkel8A: Munich Dunkel
HMMike DabrosBock To Basics6C: Dunkels Bock

Table 5: Pale Bitter European Beer (20 entries)

1stTyler Wilson
Co-Brewer: Neil Woodman
Konvention Ale5B: Kolsch
2ndJoey CaronPils Send More5D: German Pils
3rdBrendan BohaychukStalag 135D: German Pils

Table 6: British Beers (17 entries)

1stMike DabrosESB11C: Strong Bitter
2ndMike DabrosCliveden Place Best Bitter11B: Best Bitter
3rdMike DabrosModern EIPA12C: English IPA
HMRobert DoerksenJuno Beach11C: Strong Bitter

Table 7: Stouts (12 entries)

1stVicky Lorbetskie
Co-Brewer: Dan Lorbetskie
Maple Oatmeal Stout 16B: Oatmeal Stout
2ndDaniel Carter
Co-Brewer: Thomas O'Keefe
South Coast15B: Irish Stout
3rdAlex CochranThe Darkness16B: Oatmeal Stout

Table 8: Strong British and American Ale (9 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottJubilee17B: Old Ale
2ndYves Poirier
Co-Brewer: CB
Oil Pan22C: American Barleywine
3rdPaul HeslopJolly Good Show17D: English Barleywine

Table 9: Pale Ales (21 entries)

1stCory DayAnkletwister18A: Blonde Ale
2ndJon MainsMains Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
3rdChris TravisSlippery When Wet IPA18B: American Pale Ale

Table 10: British Browns (12 entries)

1stNick HodowskyPeanut Skin13B: English Brown Ale
2ndAlex CochranDark Mild Mk813A: Dark Mild
3rdAlex CochranEnglish Porter Mk213C: English Porter

Table 11: Amber and Brown American Beer (16 entries)

1stMike HoneymanCalifornia Vacation19B: California Common
2ndAdam HurlburtDark And Dank19C: American Brown Ale
3rdStuart GeorgeSpruced Up Amber19A: American Amber Ale

Table 12: American Porter and Stout (16 entries)

1stJimmy Bernier2-Penny American Stout20B: American Stout
2ndMichel Lecavalier
Co-Brewer: Tim Regan
One Eye Pirate20C: Imperial Stout
3rdBlake Hart
Co-Brewer: Anthony Keller
Lockmaster's Imperial Stout20C: Imperial Stout
HMMike DabrosRobust Porter20A: American Porter

Table 13: IPA (29 entries)

1stGuillaume Duff
Co-Brewer: Mirianne Lemire
Dans La Prison De Londres21B: Specialty IPA
2ndMike DabrosStreet Dog IPA21A: American IPA
3rdNik KozubCloud Bursting Rev 521B: Specialty IPA

Table 14: European Sour Ale (10 entries)

1stMichel LecavalierRing Around The Cherries, Pockets Full Of Beersies23F: Fruit Lambic
2ndZuzana Modrovic
Co-Brewer: Nicholas Steinberg
Shit Kriek23F: Fruit Lambic
3rdIan MacLeodI Made This!23A: Berliner Weisse

Table 15: Belgian Ale (8 entries)

1stCory DayWitty Reparte24A: Witbier
2ndJon MainsMains Belgian Witbier24A: Witbier
3rdBill RileyLa Picardienne24C: Biere de Garde

Table 16: Strong Belgian Ale (19 entries)

1stFrancois Chouinard
Co-Brewer: MH Cantin & Sam
TPZeste25A: Belgian Blond Ale
2ndMarie-Annick ScottGold Devil25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
3rdMike HoneymanFirst Place25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Table 17: Trappist Ale (12 entries)

1stEric PareQuad Trouble26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndBrendan Bohaychuk
Co-Brewer: Jeremy Cowan
Unnamed As Of Yet26C: Belgian Tripel
3rdErwin Kooi2 Stuivers26B: Belgian Dubbel

Table 18: American Wild Ale (15 entries)

1stJimmy BernierTouski'brett Citra28A: Brett Beer
2ndPaul HeslopMad Hatter28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
3rdAlvaro Reyes
Co-Brewer: Cory Day
Alvaro And Cory Make A Sour28C: Wild Specialty Beer

Table 19: Fruit and Wood Beer (10 entries)

1stYves PoirierTruelle De Ruelle29A: Fruit Beer
2ndAlvaro ReyesIch Bin Ein Passionfruit Berliner29A: Fruit Beer
3rdHamish ClarkPrimavera (Vai Chuva)29B: Fruit and Spice Beer

Table 20: Spiced Beer (9 entries)

1stIan MacLeodA Pumpkin Is A Squash30B: Autumn Seasonal Beer
2ndMarie-Annick ScottWinter City30C: Winter Seasonal Beer
3rdCory DayRich And Compelling30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 21: German Wheat Beer (10 entries)

1stChelsea TessierBeanstalk Spiced Brew10A: Weissbier
2ndDustin BanksSudden Clarity10A: Weissbier
3rdGraeme Bredo'Weiss' Decision10A: Weissbier

Table 22: The Rogues Gallery (11 entries)

1stCory DayCoal Stoker27A8: Pre-Prohibition Porter
2ndCory DayGalactic Overlord34C: Experimental Beer
3rdIan MacLeodYou Just Drank A Rye Stout31A: Alternative Grain Beer
HMPaul HeslopLucky Chucky And His Rubber Ducky27A: Historical Beer

Table 23: Scottish and Irish Beer (10 entries)

1stMarie-Annick ScottGeneric Red Ale15A: Irish Red Ale
2ndJeff Sandifer
Co-Brewer: Michael Glockner
Terra Cotta Red Ale15A: Irish Red Ale
3rdBenoit Larivee
Co-Brewer: Christian Baillargeon
BL's Red15A: Irish Red Ale